Old Town Road - Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cirus
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Our Equipment

We encourage you to visit the websites below, to become more educated about the professional grade equipment that we use here at Indicorp.

Also, take this list to your nearest DJ store or “Guitar Center” store to seek their professional opinion of our equipment.

We use top of the line headphones & wireless Mics. We use a real vinyl DJ controller turntable to control electronically formatted music, via a MacBook Pro LapTop.

No CD’s. No records. No unreliable anything.

We always carry a back-up system, for security against any potential hardware/software failures. Knowledgeable customers are #1 !

Mackie SRM450

Powered Speakers


Mackie SRM1801

Powered Subwoofer


Pioneer DDJ-SZ

Digital Music Controller


Serato Music Software

organized music at it's best!


beats Pro Headphones

for superb beat-matching!


Electro Voice RE-2

for crystal clear announcements!


MacBook Pro

song retrieval speed!


Samsung 55" LED TVs

photo montage time!


"versatility at it's musical finest"!