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How to choose a Party DJ (Tips from Indicorp Entertainment)

Music. You simply can't have a party without it.

Great tunes create a memorable soundtrack for your event and elevate the spirits of your guests.


Even if you consider yourself music savvy, hiring a professional party DJ is a must—whether you're having a retirement party, corporate event, or sweet sixteen.


A party DJ is a professional who understands your event needs, reads your crowd like a book, and plays the perfect selection of songs.

As needed, a party DJ can also act as your charming emcee.



Hiring a Party DJ: Where to Start
A look in the Yellow Pages will reveal a myriad of party DJs in your area.

A better approach is to seek personal recommendations.

Talk to friends, family, colleagues, and coworkers about their experience as both party planners and guests.


Also, your party venue may have preferred vendors with excellent reputations and a familiarity with the site.

You'll likely find solid leads by word of mouth.


If you still need help, search online and call your local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau, as well as



Preparing to Interview Party DJ Candidates
Here are some tips for determining what you need from a party DJ.



Know what style suits your guests and what services you require.

Party DJs range from quiet and reserved to zany and boisterous.

Most people look for an approach in the middle, but you may have a specific requirement.


For your ten-year-old son's birthday, you might like a DJ who brings silly hats and inflatable guitars.

But when hosting a professional networking event, you may seek a sophisticated and low-key DJ.


It's also helpful to know what you want your DJ to accomplish.

Is it his job to get guests on the dance floor?

Is he expected to entertain with professional dancers, special lighting, and games?


Should he remain in the background and create a soothing soundtrack for mingling guests?

Be clear about your needs when you interview DJs and listen carefully to find out if they are truly a good fit.



Be cognizant of your budget and how much you want to spend on music.

While music is necessary for all events, it's even more critical for some. Think about how important it is that your guests "throw their hands in the air and wave 'em like they just don't care."


If the success of your holiday party depends on compelling the boss to show off his rumored break-dancing skills, you want to book that excellent but pricey DJ who is famous for getting even the shyest crowd moving.


But you could get away with spending a bit less if you need a DJ to play a cocktail party with no dancing.

So, how much? Party DJ fees vary greatly depending on skill, experience, equipment quality, and location, but the average rate ranges from $100 to $350 per hour.


Music can be the difference between an incredible party and a mediocre gathering, and most people will tell you it's worth it to pay more for a better DJ.


Before signing a contract (and you MUST have one), make sure all costs are spelled out, including any additional fees for assistants, equipment, or preparatory work.



Talking to Party DJs About What They Offer
It's useful to interview three to five party DJs. You should also view a live (or recorded, if necessary) performance of anyone on your short list.

Pictures of your potential DJ at many different events is always very useful.



How long have you been a party DJ, and what technology do you use to play music?

You want a party DJ who has rocked events for years but who is also on point with current trends, music, and technology.

A DJ may have been in business since 1984, but if he's still playing his trusty Bananarama cassette, you probably don't want him.


Most events have guests of all ages and personalities; and require a party DJ with universal appeal.

If you have a targeted audience, such as a specific age group, gender, or profession, seek a DJ who has similar experience.


You understand why experience matters; here's why equipment matters. Poor sound quality is a party killer. It's embarrassing and uncomfortable when guests hear speaker feedback and crackling microphones.

Your party DJ must have high-quality sound equipment and the skills to set it up correctly.


Also, find out what kind of technology he uses to play songs. Instead of CDs, many DJs today play digital audio files from their laptops, so every song is one click away.


Here at Indicorp, ALL of our music is digital and constantly updated.



What is your typical routine/style?

Does he always start with the hokey pokey to break the ice?

Or does he have a thoughtful philosophy of crafting a dynamic mood throughout the event based on you and your guests?


The bottom line is that you want someone who has spunk and personality, but who is also flexible and able to skillfully adapt to each unique event.



Did you ever encounter a problem while working as a party DJ, and how did you fix it?

You want a party DJ who thinks on his feet and can avert potential party disasters—from awkward silences to wardrobe malfunctions.



Do you have a contingency plan?

As they say, life happens. Make sure your party DJ has backup plans for any failed or missing equipment or personal emergencies.



Are you insured? Do you belong to the any Disc Jockey Association?

Party DJs who are insured and/or backed by a professional organization are typically more ethical, trustworthy, and professional.



Do you have any questions for me?

Asking this helps you gauge whether the DJ is intelligent, motivated, and professional.

You should expect him to ask questions about the details of your event, such as location, timing, and number of guests, and to be attentive to your answers.



Hiring Your Party DJ
Select your party DJ based on experience, quality of customer references, compatibility, and value.

Review a detailed contract so you understand exactly what you're getting and how much it will cost.


Remember to keep the lines of communication open as you plan your event and to trust your party DJ's musical opinion.

After all, DJs are true party professionals!..


We hope this article just made
you a smarter consumer!

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